The validation field campaign will be of critical importance to the project as it will provide a controlled environment to test the accuracy of the marine litter processor. The field campaign is being organised and undertaken by members of consortium based at the University of the Aegean. The proposed plan is to release artificial plastic targets into the Gulf of Gera over a three month period from May – July 2019. 

Four artificial 5m x 5m targets will be released into the gulf, two composed of plastic bottles and two composed of plastic bags, in various formations to be captured in Sentinel-2 images. There will be approximately eighteen Sentinel-2 overpasses of the Gulf of Gera during the campaign, cloud dependant, all of these images will be used to the aid the validation of the processer. Other plastic targets within the gulf such as fishing boats and aquaculture can also be used to aid the validation of the marine litter processor. 


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